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Product Development (Design-Engineering)

We offer designing of a brand new product from the first idea to the final product. The stages include:


  • Clarification / idea creation according to the client requirements;
  • Determination of the key highlights of the product;
  • Creating a wide variety of concepts, presented by sketches for discussion with the client;
  • Choosing the best and its development;
  • Applying basic design principles for harmonious proportion, shaping, color combinations, etc., If the product and the customer require it;
  • Implementation of engineering computer simulations and analyses to determine the optimum shape, size, material, technological processing, part locations, checking for collisions with other elements of the assembly and etc;
  • Photorealistic renderings of the future product;
  • Rapid prototyping (3D print, milling and turning machining) if the part allows it;
  • Testing of prototypes or zero series in licensed and certified laboratories providing testing protocols. The tests include both destructive and non-destructive testing;
  • Production of the final product depending on its nature, if our technological capabilities allow it.
A graphical form with the product development process can be viewed below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In addition to developing the entire product, we can offer you the design of tooling as a complete project with the required design documentation ready for production.
Besides developing of plastic parts, we can also offer you developing of metal products. We work in partnership with CNC metal machining companies including turning, milling and electro-erosion processing, as well as test laboratories and rapid prototyping companies (3D print), as we can offer you prototype testing, zero series, and regular series destructive testing with the required protocols after the test.