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Why Outsourced Engineering?

Why Outsourced Engineering?

Many of the world’s most competitive firms turn to contract engineering services to meet their needs. This is true for companies with no in-house engineering as well as companies with extensive in-house expertise. KRESTONI’s team routinely works with both. With the right provider, outsourced engineering teams can develop complete products and transition them to production, or they can develop only critical subsystems. In both cases, outsourcing a project to an engineering services firm can free management resources and bring products to market faster. In short, contract engineering services provide surge capacity and flexibility that companies require when they are developing complex systems under aggressive schedules.


  • Greater Focus

Engaging a contract engineering services team can foster greater discipline and focus around project requirements and deadlines.

Also, contract engineering teams can deliver more concentrated focus on projects than in-house engineers who are pulled in different directions, from developing multiple projects to doing “maintenance” engineering.


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  • Speed of Deployment

An outside engineering services group can quickly bring expertise that is not required for a company’s normal workflow to the table when needed. Outsourced engineering services afford a quicker time to market and lower overall costs.

As a contract engineering services provider, KRESTONI’s team rapidly brings to bear engineering expertise that a client may not have in-house. We deliver senior talent very quickly, sparing our clients the costs, loss of management focus, and hiring risk associated with recruiting.

  • High-Quality Results

Contract engineering services can offer more sustainable intellectual property and facilitate a greater transfer of core knowledge than hiring internal staff. While many internal members of a core project team are moved to other projects and/or leave the company once a project is complete, a contract engineering services provider can deliver well-documented code for internal use, and be available for re-engagement on a flexible basis.

In addition, KRESTONI’s team contract engineering services offer a higher likelihood of delivering a high-quality product on time than bringing on new staff.

  • Cost Efficiencies

Contract engineering services allow you to add expert external resources to your project without adding ongoing operating costs, or worrying about keeping new hires busy after a major project is completed.

Contract engineering also enables you to control and verify costs more clearly than in-house engineering.

  • Greater Breadth of Experience

One advantage that an outsourcing engineering team has over internal engineering resources is that the contract engineering team, by its nature, is exposed to a wide array of different projects and companies, and thus has a broader set of experiences from which to draw the optimal solution. Whether that has to do with finding a clever technical solution or implementing a process that works, the best contract engineering teams are adept at bringing the best practices in the industry to your company and your project.

KRESTONI’s team contract engineering services clients benefit from our proven expertise and nimbleness, have lower infrastructure costs, and appreciate the speed with which we deliver results.