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Engineering Simulations and Analyses

We offer computer simulations and analyses of new and existing products on request.


  • Structural and deformation static analyses using computer simulations by applying a wide range of materials;
  • Nonlinear analyses;
  • Dynamic and motion simulations;
  • Thermal-flow analyses. Fluid interaction with the environment – heat transfer analyses, velocity of fluid, pressure change and others.
  • Moldflow analyses, which includes determining the optimum regimen for filling a specific part (determining the gating system location WTBC, optimal pressure injection molding, during molding, cooling time, total cycle time, pressure retention etc.).
  • Fatigue analyses under specific load conditions;
Our Plastic Flow Simulation Department is specially dedicated to injection mold filling and it is staffed entirely by long-term synthetic polymer professionals and provides in-depth analysis to improve the quality of injection molded parts as early as the design stage, prior to the physical execution of the injection molds, such as way aims to significantly reduce the cost of production and dealing with subsequent problems.